Imagine making steps toward financial freedom in minutes a day, even if you're living paycheck to paycheck

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Let's be real . . . 

We all know there is a lot more that we SHOULD be doing with our finances. Between kids, the 9 to 5, and Saturday brunches you can't always find the time to make it happen. You've bought a book on personal finance, gotten half way through it and now it's a coaster on your desk. 

You can't figure out how you keep ending up with credit card debt. So you buy a credit repair service that sounds promising, but end up back in debt six months later. The cycle is frustrating and you wonder if you will ever get out of the rat race. You've seen first hand how long-term financial struggles have led to divorce, severe stress and bodily harm in your own family. 

For women, just like that one size fits all dress rarely works, we believe that the one size fits all approach to personal finance doesn't work either! At MissCFO, we know there is a better way

We know there is a way that fits into your busy lifestyle - finding 15 minutes to learn key financial information at home or on the go. We know there's a way that will shortcut the process by focusing on exactly where you are and where you want to be. We know there's a better way for accountability than random post it notes everywhere that don't hold you accountable. Most importantly, we know there's a way to deliver value at an affordable price because EVERYTHING is vying for your hard earned dollars. 

For far too long, women have been behind men in terms of wealth building. Now, more women are providing for households, starting businesses and being all-around badasses, so it's time we step it up a notch! MissCFO is bringing you a solution that is more personalized, convenient and affordable. 

We're developing the MissCFO Society to spark a financial revolution for women around the globe who are just like you!

Join us!

Customized Plan

While we are on this journey together, everyone's story is different. We assess where YOU are and provide recommendations for financial opportunities.  

Content made for You

This is content from a women's perspective. We provide a voice that speaks to the professional woman that you are, while keeping it simple & fun. 

Supportive Community

If we are going to spark a financial revolution for women around the globe, we must band together. Join other women like you on the journey to financial freedom. 

How will the MissCFO Society help you obtain financial freedom:

Money DNA

Do you ever wonder why you run from saving money, rack up credit card debt or pay bills late? 

It all starts with your mind. Discover insights on how you think about and manage money. 


There are so many ways to build your net worth, but what is right for you? We provide personalized insights and recommendations on your finances. 

Bite-Sized Flexible Learning

Whether sitting at home or commuting to work on the train, get video content from trusted personal finance and business experts, designed to help you build your net worth.

Money Buddies

You will be paired with accountability partners to help you stay focused on your goals. 

Only $14.97/month to start building wealth

The MissCFO Society is launching at only $14.97 per month. If you know that it is important to build wealth, then what are you waiting for? To access these resources and experts individually it would cost you thousands and a LOT of time. Since we want to help more women become financially independent, we want this to be as affordable as possible. Even better you will get 7 days FREE to try it out!

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